Online Purchase September 27, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

September 27, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 28

Scam Description

I ordered from the company SHEIN. The delivery partner is SPEEDX, the scammers. There are many reviews online such as reddit complaining of the neglect practices of this company. I discovered this after I was scammed twice in a row and contacted the company. I have screenshots of them lying saying that they are not allowed to deliver to a customers door. There is no accountability whatsoever. The owner as profiled on LinkedIn is Chris Zheng. I’ve contacted Shein pleading with them to pick a legitimate delivery company but I guess they make too much money selling items on the cheap to care if I receive my package or not. If you use Shein your packages will likely come via speedx, but you probably won’t get it. The phone number provided is a California based number but according to the linkedin profile the owner/company is based in New York. When you call the number it will direct you to contact them via www speedex.io, it’s done in chat form only and the reps are either really morons or simply don’t care. There is no accountability at all. First my package was supposedly delivered to the wrong apartment, then it was delivered to the lobby of my building with 34 apartments. When I told them, this is when they said they aren’t allowed to deliver to a customers door. So USPS, FedEx, AMAZON, DHL, UPS etc. Can but you can’t? Ok whatever. I am convinced that they themselves stole my packages. I live in NYC and there are reviews on REDDIT for places like California, stating the same things. I lost $28.05 because Shein doesn’t seem willing to refund me this time, even though they refunded me the first time and it’s clear to me that they are aware of their partners unscrupulous actions. Don’t order from Shein unless you have money to waste or you just feel like playing Russian roulette. Please share this with friends and family and report them here and to local authorities if you too have experienced this crime. I was only allowed to upload one file so I choose the pic of my conversation where a rep stated they weren’t allowed to deliver to my door. I felt this would really help to understand the gravity of negligence from this company.

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