Other Scam Sep 28,2023

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Date Reported: 


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Total Dollars Lost: 

$ 0

Scam Description: 

FBI Scammer: The FBI does not need you to purchase phones for them. One Stafford woman reported this scam to the Sheriff’s Office yesterday. She advised she recently received an email from someone posing as the FBI. The email directed her to purchase phones for the FBI and wait for further instructions. She also received multiple calls and this text from a fake FBI detective. The victim did not comply with the scammers demands due to her recognizing this as a scam. If you receive contact from someone posing as any government official demanding you to purchase items like phones or gift cards, do not comply. It is a scam. If you are unsure if something is a scam or not, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can report scams to the Sheriff’s Office at 540-658-4450.

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