Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-09 00:00:00

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Scam Description

I purchased an order with this company called Yoclubwear. Website….www.yoclubwear.com. I purchased my order on March 34th 2023. I Paid an extra $9.99 to get my item in 5-7 bus days, not including process time (as per the company website). I received an email on March 27th 2023 informing me that my item has been shipped. Everytime I checked the tracking number it says the item departed the shipping partner facility since March 27th awaiting USPS! I’ve been emailing the co at service@yoclubwear.com and they keep switching up their story. I have emails to prove what they have been saying. They keep telling me to wait a few more days to get a tracking number when my order is shipped out. Then another email they tell me the order was definitely shipped out. This was after I emailed them back saying I already received an email back on March 27th saying it was shipped out. Then they told me oh it must be something wrong with the shipping company. I think this company is a scam. They pretend to sell clothing. I purchased a women blazer for $43.98. Also everytime I checked the tracking number to see the progress, the item has been sitting in Jamaica NY since March 27th awaiting USPS. I live in Pennsylvania. It does not take this long to get to me. It’s a scam. I had to call my credit card co to investigate as well!!!