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Tech Support Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-10 00:00:00

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Scam Description

I googled a phone number for YouTube TV streaming. I called and spoke to Rawn Belfort Ksg610. he said you can pay $500 for the whole year or $270 for 6 months unlimited. He was supposed to call me back, but he didn’t. I called back and spoke to Nathan. Both men were foreigners. He told me I don’t really have to pay $270, but can pay $250 with a gift card. I said I would call back. Then Rawn called back and I said I wanted the $250 a month. I asked if I could CashApp the money, but he said no, it wouldn’t work, to use Zelle. he stayed on the line while I sent $250 through Zelle to Rupinder whose email is sojkaaucoinw@notmail.com. Then I got an email from Chase saying the Zelle payment went through. Then he said he could not give them the service because we overpaid by $1, adn the special was for $249. he said he could not refund the $1, and in order to get the service, we needed to send a second payment of $249, as the original payment was in transit. I did not understand what was going on, and asked my wife for help. I demanded a refund. He hung up. And when I try to call him back, he doesn’t answer. I notified Chase and spoke to the dispute department. Chase said there is a possibility that we won’t get our money back because we authorized the transaction. Chase said legitimate businesses will not ask you to pay with third parties. The second number is 650-309-5310.