Karen vs Manager Clash

karen vs manager clash


The new meaning that ‘Karen’ has acquired is the name of an entity that criticizes and complains about its lack of capabilities, responsibilities, etc. It is a term used to describe someone who behaves in a cruel manner towards others. Nowadays Karen vs Manager Clash has become a popular keyword on the internet!

Karen vs Manager Clash? No problem is too big for the manager or is it? ‘Karens’ can be real trouble, and it takes all kinds of jobs to run a complex organization. But when you hear about situations like this one — where an angry customer became so frustrated with bad service that they stormed into the restaurant, demanding to see the manager — you know you’re dealing with something special.

Karen vs Manager Clash

Here are some stories on Karen vs Manager Clash!:


On my shift, I was the only one on-site. This made me the de facto manager. Five minutes before closing, a woman comes into the store and is so angry that we don’t have any decaf. She demands to speak to the manager. I tell her that’s me because I’m the only one here, and the coffee pots are cleaned for the night because it’s five minutes to close. No, I’m sorry; I can’t make another pot just for her. There’s another place around the corner.”

She screams at me, tells me she’s going to “find a real manager and get my s**t a** fired,” throws half a cup of cappuccino machine sludge at me and starts to look like she’s gonna jump the counter. I’m holding a hammer under the counter thinking “don’t do it, don’t do it.”

I pick up the phone like I’m going to call the cops. She leaves. I lock the door. She COMES BACK AND RUNS FACEFIRST INTO THE GLASS DOOR. LIKE A BIRD.


Karen griped about not wanting to pay the price for the services performed on her computer, which was exactly the price quoted when she dropped it off and which she had signed for. She demanded to speak to the service manager. I called him from the back.

The service manager listened to her spiel as to how she should get a lower price because [irrelevant, pea-brained reason]. The service manager made eye contact with me over her shoulder; I did not react, he said no, price quoted was the price that would be charged.

She said that was unacceptable, and that she would be complaining to the owner, who was a good friend.

The service manager observed that he was evidently not that good a friend, since he (me) was the person she was originally speaking with when she asked for the service manager.

Her face was glorious, and made the whole thing worthwhile!


When I managed a movie theater we had a couple who always came in – Karen and Boss. Boss was called that because he would always say “how are you doing today, boss?” Etc. It got to the point where we would see them purchase their tickets at the box office and we would begin to get their concession order ready. They would walk to and their food items would be ready just the way they liked them. I’d say that’s good service for a regular customer.

But Karen always found a reason to complain. Instead of coming to talk to a manager, she would email corporate. We’d get the forwarded complaint and always have to give them free tickets and concession items.

We had another regular customer named Bob. Bob would cook for us and I mean cook. He’d make full-course fresh Italian meals. We all loved Bob and he was great to us. He actually became a really good friend to the general manager and would have him over to his home for dinner too.

Another story of karen vs manager clash! One day, Karen and Boss walk in and Bob was standing with the general manager talking. The GM rolled his eyes and Bob asked him what happened. GM told him he’s just tired of Karen complaining all the time when we provide them with great customer service. Bob looks to see who it is and tells us it’s his freaking cousin. GM printed the email to show Bob and Bob ran over and asked her “what the f**k is this?”

Karen never complained to corporate again.

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Karen vs Manager Clash


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