how negative reviews can affect your business

How Negative Reviews Can Affect Your Business

How Negative Reviews Can Affect Your Business?

When you’re running your business, it can be difficult to ignore negative reviews and good ones. If a customer leaves a negative review or doesn’t buy from you because of a bad experience, it can make you think less of your business and reduce the likelihood of them buying from you again.

Does a Single Bad Review Hurt?

A bad review can affect your business in several ways. However, research has proven that, depending on which study you look at, between 67 percent and 90 percent of consumers look at a product’s reviews before they decide to make a purchase. So if you don’t have high ratings on Google or Yelp, you could lose customers who have searched online for reviews before purchasing your product.

Do Bad Reviews Help?

When you see thousands of reviews for a company on Google, Yelp, or Facebook, are you immediately impressed by their stellar reviews and feel like you know them already? Of course not. It is better to know that some customers have had issues, then take those reviews with a grain of salt and see what kind of reputation the company has from other sources (including your own Google searches).

What to Do About Bad Reviews?

Negative reviews can sometimes create more questions than answers, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Instead of ignoring negative reviews, you should use them to your advantage! You’ll gain more trust from potential customers and be able to have a more personalized experience with them.

  • If you’re like most business owners, getting positive feedback is one of the most gratifying parts of running a restaurant. But negative reviews can be just as important to a business’s success. Look for patterns in your reviews to see what customers are saying about your product or service and keep an eye out for common complaints. Then be sure to address customer issues promptly and sincerely so that they continue to enjoy their dining experience
  • When you receive a negative review, it’s important to understand what happened and then take action. Customers can’t help but feel bad when they experience an issue with your product or service, so it’s best to listen to their concerns and address them as quickly as possible. You can apologize for their experience, apologize for the mistake that caused it, and empathize. Then, offer them a gift card or refund so they can choose another option if they still want one. If a customer needs extensive customer service assistance following an issue like this, perhaps you could help out with phone call time by offering to stay on the line.
  • Many people hear the word ‘review’ and immediately think about negative feedback. It’s important to give your customers information on how to leave reviews. Let them know that reviews help you, and together you can improve your business. Consider offering an incentive to customers who do choose to leave a review, whether it be positive or negative.

When to Be Concerned?

Many businesses are used to dealing with customers who say negative things about their products, but sexual and racial harassment is a completely different ballgame. If a customer alleges that you sexually harassed them, you need to act quickly by taking them seriously and apologizing for your behavior. You aren’t just fighting for the honor of yourself or the company anymore; you now have the added concern of not letting people down by making them feel like they’ve been wronged or hurt.

It’s hard to ignore negative reviews, but if you can pinpoint the issue to a particular employee and make it clear immediately that you’ll not tolerate such behavior, under any circumstances, more of your customers will remember your business favorably. If there is a common pattern of complaints about a particular employee or job type, take steps to train them better and reward them for excellent service.

If a customer alleges theft on the part of employees, you should follow up immediately. You must gather information to confirm or deny the allegations; at the very least, you need to verify that the person has actually been a victim of theft.

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How Negative Reviews Can Affect Your Business