Debt Collections Scam Aug 07, 2022

Scam Type

Debt Collections Scam

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Date Reported

Aug 07, 2022

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Scam Description

Late Thursday, August 4, I received a call which I thought was from Comcast informing me I had not paid my July payment and if not paid immediately, my service would be disconnected and I would have to pay a reconnect fee. I indicated my bills are all bank draft and ran to my computer and got online with my bank and told her it was paid on July 8. She indicated she did not know what had happened but it had not been received and that she could help me straighten it out with my bank. (Since my security system is connected to the landline, I didn’t want to take a chance on losing my service.) If I gave her the name of my bank she said she would see what happened. Without thinking, I gave her the name of my bank. She had a man come on and say he was Anthony from the customer service dept. at my bank and that he had verified that she was Kelly, Badge #6741181 in the Comcast billing dept. and that she was legit. He indicated if I gave him my information he could check on the problem. He came back on and said my bank had had an update and that my payment had not gone through even though it was deducted from my account but that he would update my online account. I told him I had not been informed of any online banking update. He indicated he needed to change my password 1 digit (which he told me about) and that I should wait until the following day to go online. She came back on and said I would need to use a credit card which she then said it wouldn’t go through, neither would a 2nd card. I was astounded as neither had an unpaid balance. She then said my debit would probably go through. Needless to say, I was blocked from my online bank account! When the bank opened on Friday, I met with the bank manager who immediately put a lockout on my account and we took prevention measures. I put alerts on my credit cards just before they began using my cards. The charges were denied I think and I cancelled both cards so I can’t check online until I receive my new cards. I have put freezes my accounts at the credit agencies and am in the process of notifying pertinent businesses who have monthly drafts from my bank. As an educated person about identity theft and scams (I thought), I absolutely cannot believe this has happened to me. I hope this never happens to anyone else. It is a nightmare!