Tech Support

Scam Type

Tech Support Scam

Business Name Used

Best Buy -Geeksquad

Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

The Scammer (GeekSquad) sent me an email advising me about a Software Program I had purchased and that the subscription to the software would be renewed for $359.99 per my original signup if I did contact them within 48 hours to cancel the subscription. I knew I did not subscribe to a software program and called them to advise them of the error. Upon reaching the number they provided I spoke with a Geek representative who advised his name was Andre Smith, who recited an employee number ( which I requested he repeat so I could write it down), and who stated they would refund that amount since the subscription had already been renewed. I questioned why as 48 hours had not passed. He just said that was not a problem and I would get the refund. The representative, then filled in a Refund Form from the Better Business Bureau which he stated they use to verify returned funds to a customer and emailed me a copy. After that was done, he then asked for the last 4 numbers on my credit card or account so he could issue a refund to me. I stated I wanted it returned to the credit card they used for the renewal. He advised that information was not readily available to him and only their security department has access to it. I then asked to be routed to a Manager. A supposed manager, Charles ( as well offered employment 176122595) stated the card number was not available to them and all I needed to do was just enter any card number and it would come up if it was the correct number. When I advised I would not, the manager offered he could refund my money directly into my bank account if I follow the instructions he provided. Then he gave me some sort of actions to perform on my computer that would give my permission for them to return my refund directly to my account. At that point, things were feeling very shady and I turned off my computer, and I advised our interaction was done. At that point, he appeared upset and stated I had F___up and I would not get a refund. I hung up. I then checked my credit card accounts thoroughly and there was no place where I had ever made a software purchase with GeekSquad or any company. I then, checked my account and credit card which I use for online purchases and there was no purchase made with this GeekSquad Company. I also called my bank regarding the interaction with this Company and they transferred the funds from that account, closed that account, and gave me a new account for my security.