Worthless Problem-solving Service

Scam Type

Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

Business Name Used

Toliver Ford of Mineola

Date Reported

Aug 22, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Toliver Ford Mineola forces the sale of an Etch fee of $499.00 on every vehicle on their lot onto the sale of the purchased vehicle. They tell you it is not an option but that you have to take it. The Etch is a Theft Deterrent Warranty that they tell you it is an insurance of $5,000.00 if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered and once your insurance deems your vehicle is a total loss then they will pay $5,000.00. Normally the Etch is the VIN# etched on the windshield but they use a sticker that is placed on each door of the vehicle. They say that they have to have it because of high theft but actually it is not activated until the sale of the vehicle for much less than the amount they charged. Also they do not tell you that you have an option to decline. Also it is a Warranty not Insurance. Also it is only for $2,500.00 not $5,000.00. They said it was valid for as long as you own your vehicle when actually it is for 60 months. They said it is not transferrable when actually it is with the sellers written letter and $40.00 to the warranty company. Since this is a warranty the purchaser must pay sales tax on this amount too. They also do not tell you that you can cancel the warranty in 30 days for a used vehicle or 60 for a new vehicle with written request to cancel and a fee for $25.00 as stated on the Theft Deterrent Warranty disclaimer. These Etch sticker that are placed on the door is suppose to make the stolen vehicle parts less valuable when sold yet the stickers are removable also the stickers are not trackable even if they are not removed.

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