Tech Support

Scam Type

Tech Support Scam

Business Name Used

Microsoft Support Spoof

Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

While I was pulling up a NJ Transit bus schedule on my personal home computer screen,
a FULL PAGE appeared/popped up (in blue and white, and RED):
CALL MS SUPPORT … 833-892-2665 …. DO not hang up.
I called 833-892-2665. I spoke to a Mr. Paul Walter who told me his ID # was: MS 11092. Mr. Walter told me I “had been hacked.”
Mr. Walter told me that at 4:48am, on 8/23/22, a computer site – www.pornohub.com – had hacked into my computer … and created charges in China.
In short, amongst other things, I told Mr. Walter my bank name and the last four digits of two checking account numbers.
Mr. Walter (direct # 470-203-8965) told me he WOULD CONNECT ME TO A TOP OFFICIAL AT MY BANK. He also told me I should not speak to the personnel in my local bank branch.
Mr. Walter connected me on my personal cell phone with a Mr. Allan Benjamin. Mr. Benjamin told me he worked for my BANK (* * * ****) and his Employer # was: AB 161192. Mr. Benjamin told me he would contact the fraud team and place me on high security. Mr. Benjamin asked me to withdraw money from both my accounts to set up a dummy account. When Mr. Benjamin told me to TAKE THE CASH and go to a Quick Stop in Park Ridge, NJ, I decided ‘enough was enough.’ I went directly into my bank and spoke to the manager.
Mr. Benjamin told me over the phone that he would INSTRUCT me as to HOW to DEPOSIT the cash ($9,000) in the ATM machine at the Quick Stop, 161 South Kinderkamack Road, Park Ridge, NJ … I did NOT do this but, again, Mr. Benjamin told me he would ‘instruct me as to how to do this when I arrived at the ATM in the Quick Stop. Mr. Benjamin told me this transaction would be ‘to ‘counter’ the hacking of the pornhub.com group so I would not be held responsible for what he described as a federal crime in an overseas transaction….
To close, again, I spoke to the personnel at my local bank and did NOT send any monies to unknown whereabouts at the Quick Stop, 161 So Kinderkamack Rd., Park Ridge NJ. Of note, the two men I spoke with had India Indian-type accents.
AND there is an ATM machine at the above Quick Stop….