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Tech Support Scam

Date Reported

2023-05-04 00:00:00

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Scam Description

A MICROSOFT pop up appeared on my computer scvreen saying not to do anything except call a #. When I called someone said whatever was in my bank account can be taken out and to go in person to the bank and withdraw what you have in your checking account. Someone used my account # at 5 am and it was a gambling site. I was told not to tell anyone not even the bank about this . He even gave me a code word “basketball” to be sure I was only talking to him. His name was Johnathan Samuel, employee id E57847He called me from two numbers: 619-777-4786 and 888-263-6620
i went to Bank of America 10 W. High St. Somerville, NJ 08876 and withdrew $6,000 the man said to go to my car and he would tell me where to safely put the money. it was a gas station store with an ATM (it had to say bitcoin). He said he would tell me what to do and he instructed me, and finally said to put the money into ATM 1 bill at a time. I was suspicious but he said other wise the money could be hacked away. Im embarrassed to say I did that and also copied my drivers licernce. When I got home a call came in from Rockit Coin and asked if I had deosited money in the ATM. I said yes , AND a woman told me it’s a SCAM/ I went imediately to the bank and Aracelis Ventura listened to everything and called Rocket Coin. Rocket Coin said the only way I could get the moey back is if I whent home, answered an email and filled out the form. the form requested Routing # and account number and the bank information. Ms Ventura told me which checking account to use .

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