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Online Purchase Scam

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2023-05-03 00:00:00

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This is for my mom. She was using her computer and she got an email and or a pop up that came on her computer (sorry I don’t have that information but I am sure I can get it) that said that her computer was infected and did she want it cleaned. She spoke to someone on the phone and they said that Norton/McCaffee could not help her and if she paid $300 she could have someone watching 24 hours a day for malware, virus, worms etc. A while later she got a phone call letter her know that her computer was being using by the DARK WEB and that there was a computer worm infecting her computer. There was a threat that Russians were going to take her money from her bank account. They promised to work on this night and day and did she agree to pay to have this fixed. My mom said yes and two days later, she got a call and was told she had to pay $4000 for the services. She was to pay by cheque. I called my mom to say hi when she told me this and I told her NOT to pay. To contact her bank, call the police and for her to take her computer into a GEEK Squad. I don’t think she will do the last thing but she didn’t pay the money and she called her bank and police. It took me a long time to convince her this was in fact fraud. This is the second time she has been taken in by people who are likely in another country. I wish Canada would do more to protect people from these scams!

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