Tech Support

Scam Type

Tech Support Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-15 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Went online and tried looking at a website (graffiti designs for print) I went and looked at pictures and I clicked on a picture. I tried looking throughout the page and they wanted me to log in, but I wouldnt because I didnt have a log in. Next thing you know a website pop up and and I looked up HP support because I thought my computer is being hacked. I spoke with HP through email and emailed me back with case number and product/problem details. It had a phone number listed on the email and I decided to call for more info. I talked with a man and he walked me through the steps and if I had Mcafee on my computer he asked me to go through my trash to re download Mcafee and told me my subscription was expired and I need a new one and proceeded to tell me he has one available for $39.99 for a 1 year warranty and he wanted it through paypal and I told him I did not have it and he claimed I can just add my debit card. I gave him access to my computer once I gave him access he started working on my computer and it wouldnt let me login. He asked me to troubleshoot and I did. He told me it was taking too long to login and it shouldnt take long. He pressured me to set up the mcafee account and it took so long he transferred me to someone else and I gave another man access to my computer and I seen a lot of black stuff running down my computer. He kept saying he couldnt set it up and asked for a picture of what my computer and I did. I was then transferred to a third person and they asked me for my phone info and he got access to my computer and my phone and said my IP was public. And I didnt know what that meant. He went through all my apps and asked me to go to Cash App and load money and I sent them $624 and then $399. They were tricking me so good my bank was trying to call me about the charges but I didnt see it because they had control of my phone. They hacked into everything. Suppose to be HP support. 

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