Online Purchase

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-16 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

On Feb 2, 2023 I stumbled upon a website with all kinds of things for sale (twitideal.com).  I placed an order and immediately had an uneasy feeling that it was a scam.  A week later I had not received the order or any communication indicating the order was being processed.  Just a receipt from paypal.  But that receipt contained an email address, so I sent the seller an email and the next day received another paypal email indicating that the order had been shipped with a UPS tracking number.  I thought it odd that UPS had the package weight listed at 22 lbs.  My order should have been more like 5 lbs.  The order never arrived, even though the tracking number eventually indicated that it had been delivered, so I emailed the seller again letting them know that I didn’t get it.  No response.  I reported the missing package to UPS.  In response to that, UPS sent an email indicating they had received my report, and also provided some additional information.  UPS indicated that the package was shipped from AMAZON to someone else in Collierville, TN, but not to me.  I emailed the seller requesting that they please ship out MY package.  No response.  I found the email, Support@twitideal.com, on the website and wrote to that for help on 2/27.  No response.  Then I noticed that the address given on the website and the phone number both appeared to be fake.  The address says it is: 67449 Ethan Mills, MN 34438.  It is unclear if the Street Name or City is supposed to be Ethan Mills.  This doesn’t even appear to be a real place, the postal code is somewhere in France.  The phone number, 855-581-7214,  is “can’t be completed as dialed”.  I can’t imagine where they obtained a working UPS tracking number for another package delivered to Collierville, TN, but that was an obvious attempt to convince me the package had been mailed.  In short, it appears this whole website is a scam and it should be stopped.  I only lost $36.81, but I’m sure others will lose a lot more.  Please investigate twitideal.com.  

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