Other October 04, 2023

Scam Type

Other Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

October 04, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 280

Scam Description

I was assigned to this company by First American Home Warranty company as part of a covered AC repair under my home warranty. This company completed one repair job. My agreement with FAHW expired, and a few months after, the same AC unit was not working. I contacted Air Repair for answers since they recently fixed the unit. The owner of the business answered. They quoted me a repair costing $1,000. We were under the impression that this payment would be a typical payment via check or credit card. He promised to order the part and install. He left our house but failed to notify us that he also turned off our other working downstairs AC unit.
We called him to understand why our second unit was not working. He refused to return to our house to fix it and instead gave us commands to reset the breakers to the house. We followed his instructions. The next day, the broken unit exploded with hot gas. We frantically called him again, and he told us to turn off the breakers. He did not realize that the breakers to the AC unit are connected, and blamed that for the explosion. He came a day after to check the unit and he claimed that no lasting damage had occurred.
We waited over a week for the part to arrive. During this time, the owner was not very communicative. He was confident the part would arrive on a Friday – it arrived on Tuesday the following week. Tuesday was expected to be a rainy day. When we called him that day, he claimed that he was working on other jobs, and that we would be next, but he said that he couldn’t help us if it started to rain since he forgot his canopy.
On Wednesday, still a rainy day, he called us to confirm he will be repairing the unit. He made the same excuse saying that if it will rain, he needs to use his canopy, seemingly wanting to delay the job, again. At the same time, he asked us if we can pay for the job. Taking this as a clear insult, we said yes, of course. He then mentioned cash money as the only form of payment, which we clearly disagreed on since it is not a safe form of payment that is typical for any contractor, especially one that was used by a home warranty company as a repair contractor.
Overall, we believe his intentions were not true and he was predatory. He consistently operated under the impression that he is a professional working for Air Repair. He made no mention that this job would not be official. We believe he was actively taking advantage of us because he is aware that we no longer have a home warranty, we are not knowledgeable of HVAC, and that we are desperate (Houston weather this month made internal temperatures inside the house at 90 degrees). We hate to speculate, but he could claim that cash payment was never received.
The owner of this business is very unprofessional. Yells at customers and is insulting. He is negligent and is not communicative. When we confronted him about the cash payment, he openly yelled.

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