Employment October 05, 2023

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

Employment scam

Date Reported

October 05, 2023

Postal Code

M2N 0B9

Total Dollars Lost

$ 16000

Scam Description

Someone called Elianne texted me via phone number 3234525149, introducing themself as a recruiter of Arch Staffing & Consulting. Suggested to shake opportunities with me and someone related would text me in Whatsapp. A “Diana” texted me about an app optimization job that pays a salary. She said this is related to the TopNotchDezign company.  At first I needed to advance $70 to be able to start and I advanced this money in the form of USDT crypto from CoinEx app.
Each set of tasks was 40 and I have to complete 3 sets each day to be signed up to the system to get a salary. Each day, I would advance min 70 USDT and then after finishing a 40 task I had to withdraw all the money from my online account on the website and then I would advance crypto to a random wallet number that each time a customer service would give me. After the transfer I would send a confirmation screenshot and after the so called auditing, customer service would advise me that the money was deposited and I and work is reset and ready for another 40 tasks.
It happened at times that I was assigned an app that would make my balance negative and in order to continue I should advance negative money to get past that task.
After 5 days, when I started a new set I got negative 1000 USD. I left it but they told me I should continue and finish all 40 to get my money inside the account. I did, another negative, another negative, another negative, another negative,.. each  time almost doubled and at the end, I was almost 17000USD negative and I did not have the money. During this time I was so stressed to get money back that I could not think well. It was the last task and my reference was pushing to raise the fund to get all my money and I did not trust them anymore…I was also introduced and added to a whatsapp group chat and in the group they also gave me many lending websites to raise money.
Then, I called the company and the customer service told me that this is not related to them and they have had similar reports and they were already  investigating.
Customer service told me that my account would be closed if I do not raise at least 20% and then my account was closed. On September 17, 2023, I received a text from customer service that the merchants had complained and my money would go to the merchants.
Here is the link of the website:

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