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2023-04-05 00:00:00

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On March 25, 2023, I contacted the number from the commercial for Life Lock which was a security company to ensure that your personal information will remain safe and if not your account will be insured for an approximate $1,000,000.00
I contacted the number (800-818-7738) directly from the currently airing commercial and found out that it was a ruse that redirected my call to Medical Alert regardless of the option that was chosen on the keypad of my phone. Once I connected, I commented that I was calling Life Lock and not Life Alert. Once questioned/confronted the person hung up on me. I called a second time and asked if this was a bait and switch and was hung up on again. I called again but my number had been blocked so I called from another number and asked for a supervisor. A person who claimed to be a supervisor did not care or show any concern for my complaint and was very rude.
The impetus for my call to a company that I thought was reputable was to help to secure my future with regard to my credit and personal holdings such as my property etc.
Below is what I found out online.
What is the LifeLock controversy?
LifeLock was fined $12 million by the Federal Trade Commission in March 2010 for deceptive advertising. The FTC called the company’s prior marketing claims misleading to consumers by claiming to be a 100% guarantee against all forms of identity theft.
I called Life Lock from a different5 phone number and got the same bait and switch response which was automated and would not respond to anything being said.
I do not understand how a company who touts itself in saving others from fraud is committing fraud itself. Norton, now the owner of Life Lock has been long trusted to protect consumers against fraud and hacking. Whom can we trust if not one of
the the most trusted name in internet security. What is actually being done to hold these multi-billionaires accountable for defrauding the public in the name of fear from the outside world who may be attempting to sell your personal information for profit?
Who are we to trust in order that we might secure our future holdings with our sensitive information regarding credit, bank accounts and other information that all of us value.
As a 69 year old female, the grieves me to know that there are so many trusted sources who seek to destroy and defraud the frail public such as myself. I pray that something is done of a significant order that will cause a definite cease and desist.
As an aside, I called today from a different number because the original number was blocked and Life Lock is doing the same bait and switch game.