Scam Type

Romance Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-04 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

On 5/24/22 I got matched with a girl on Tinder – profile name was – Lawra – said she lived 3 miles from me in Portland Oregon. Lawra messages me hello and I say hello back, she sends me her number and asked to move our chat to WhatsApp to chat better [Lawra (815)708-9606]. Lawra says she is from Romania and just arrived in the US 2 months ago. She is studying medicine, which is expensive, and she has been an orphan all her life, so she has to do webcam work on the side to afford her schooling. I felt bad for her situation. She insisted I check her webcam out and the money goes towards her education, so I agreed. Lawra gave me a link https://www.webcam-model-center/model/laura told me to click on her picture, I did, and it takes me to ImLive.com then Lawra told me to search for her Model Name: VictoriaHeer and pay $60. I did. Her cam pop’s on, she starts the timer, we chatted, vaped and she twirled around a few times, it lasted 15min. Then she moved our chat to Snapchat [sexylucchhy] where we chatted every day. She said her real name is Laura Parker (later I found out on reddit.com her real name is Alexa from Romania; the Laura Parker name is fake).She used a Geo-Filter on Snapchat to change her SnapMap location to trick me where she was. Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer said she has to fly to Philippines because her little brother got in a really bad car accident and needs surgery. On 7/25/22 she asked if we could start dating so she can fall in love with me, I accepted. A few months later Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer said she wanted to marry me and needed help getting to the US from the Philippines, but her Immigrant Visa had expired and needed $8,500.00 show money in order to get a new visa, so I sent the amount she needed. Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer guilt tripped me into loaning her money for Food, Rent, Medical Expenses, Transportation, B-2 Tourist Visa, iPhone, Passport and Plane Ticket. She even made a Fake United States Federal Government B-2 Tourist Visa Approval Document, along with a Fake Bank Account. Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer needed to pick up some of her belongings from Romania before coming to the US, was only going to take a day or two, so I covered costs to get her to Romania. Every time the day came for her to fly to the US, she had a new excuse for not being able to come, she even lost her passport and had me send her money for a new one. It’s March 2023 – Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer says she’s in the hospital and going to die of COVID and needs some money for a lifesaving medication, so I send her the money for it. She Tell’s me she doesn’t think she’s going to make it and now doesn’t answer my phone calls or return my phone calls. I tried to contact her on ImLive.com but every time I do, she has the Studio Operator change my settings where I can’t find her, or he kicks me off the website. I started to research her online and few days into researching Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer I found post’s on reddit.com from VictoriaHeer victims having similar scams done to them but VictoriaHeer used different names on everyone. It was until then I realized I was being Romance scammed but by then it was too late for me. Throughout those 9-10 months Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer used the illusion of Romance to Manipulate, Lie and Scam me for $21,663.00. All Transactions were done through PayPal and Remitly apps, I requested my money back a few times from Laura Parker/VictoriaHeer on PayPal but she never responds or sends any money back. I notified ImLive.com of all this and they ignored me, never responded and took no action. VictoriaHeer is still employed there right now luring innocent people into her Cyber-Crime Web of Scams. I can’t believe this company still employs this girl or how she’s not in jail for how many people she’s scammed, crazy.