Online Purchase October 01, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Pupply scam

Date Reported

October 01, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 400

Scam Description

I am a victim of a puppy scam. I do not have a phone number for this person. I Joined a St. Bernard Facebook group called Saint Bernard for Adoption & Rehoming. Robert Harri is the Admin. He said he had puppies for sale. We communicated through FB messanger. He said he would deliver the puppy Sunday and he needed half down which is $400.00. I sent the $400.00 via PayPal. This morning he stated that it was not received. I sent him a screenshot of the receipt. I had not heard back for over 3 hours. Only when I sent him an email that I was getting discouraged about the arrangement was when he responded. He said he would never scam anyone. It was sent to a Marion Kharem. The email that it was sent to was
We did communicate via FB messenger for several days. Told me he would refund my money. Asked me to check with PayPal claiming he didn’t receive the money. PayPal said it was completed. Once I told him that he took all his communications with me off the FB messenger & blocked me.
Then about 7 days later he sent the message below. Then he blocked me from messenger again. Have not heard back from him again.
Hello Rebecca, I met with Marion and we haven’t found any traces of the payment. I don’t think the money was deducted from your account you should check again. If otherwise then you should provide me with a screenshot of the payment that would help to trace the transaction and make things easier for us both
Time frame 9/7/23 to 9/2023. I thought maybe he would send the refund; waited a 10 more days before reporting. He has not.

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