Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Maltese Puppies For Adoption

Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

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Scam Description

Other email addresses used: gonzalogonzalo16@yahoo.com. loganjohn4847@gmail.com
I was contacted via fb messenger after researching Maltese puppies for awhile. They asked for 600 payment which included shipping. The day of the expected arrival ” bad weather” prevented the shipment. Additional crates were requested. Insurance money, caution money $300, veterinary services, even a fake customs officer were involved who also wanted 110 to bring my puppy to me.
The fake shipper, quick drop logistics texted for awhile. The fake customs officer texted. And I did speak to both the fake shipper and the fake breeder on the phone. Both had Google numbers. Both had an unidentifiable accent. They contacted me over 1.5 weeks over the issue. The only address given was a church in Nags Head
I was told they were shipping out of wilmington then Asheville. Wanted money for akc paperwork to transfer owner ship. Demanded payment in gift cards when funds were pending or on hold.
Names used:
John Logan as the breeder, Agent Bruno as the fake shipper, Officer Harry as the fake customs officer
Looking back there were several holes in the story.
1. No reviews or referrals on the site
2. Weight of puppy was given in a range of 2.25-4 lbs.
3. Most of correspondence was via fb messenger or text with a little by email.
4. Reading about avoiding scams made me thing they have a recipe book out there on how to puppy scam.
5. Three different names of shipping cos were given by breeder, fake shipper, and fake customs police.
6. Fake customs police claimed to be using personal phone and said to only deal with him.
7. Multiple cashapp and PayPal handles used when trying to pay.
8. Paperwork in screenshops did not match or seem legitimate.
9. Calling the actilual quick drop logistics and learning A they have 2 locations in nc far from the stated. B they don’t ship animals.