Online Purchase

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Austin’s Maltipoos

Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I came across this website looking for a maltipoo puppy. The website informed me the breeder was in business for over 8 years. I was sent many pictures of the puppy and even had a phone call with the owner. When I spoke to him, his accent was very thick and had a lot of loud noise in the background. After numerous e-mails and texts, I decided to start the process to purchase the puppy. I printed out the contract and warranty and it seemed acceptable. The puppy was $800 and the shipping cost was $100. The owner wanted $500 deposit but ONLY through zelle or google pay. He stated that was the only method of payment. I texted him and told him I did not feel comfortable sending money that way. I never heard from him again. I then had a strong feeling I almost got scammed. Thank goodness I did not send him any money. I then found out scammers frequently ask for money through apps beacuse they are not easily traced. I then reseached the website and found out it was established only 16 days before our initial contact. I believe scammers have multiple websites they keep up and then take down after they get money. I truly believe there was never a puppy and this was a definite scam. Be careful when they ask you to only send money through, zelle, venmo, google pay, etc…. I have heard since Covid, these puppy or dog scams have been on the rise. Just do your research and be aware of the business.