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Online Purchase Scam

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Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

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Scam Description

This site is a part of a large elaborate Amazon rating scam. This site is used as an Amazon buyer blacklist and used to scam users for their money. What initially happens is, a buyer gets subjected to reviewing items on Amazon for a 5 star review or rating. A seller representative, then gives the buyer money through PayPal for the 5 star review rating. Up to a few Month’s later, the buyer’s money will be taken from the PayPal account, because the “Seller Representative” makes a false claim to PayPal. The false claim is that the “buyer has requested a refund” and “sent the item to a returned address”. The evidence the “Seller Representative” gives to PayPal is a fake tracking number that doesn’t even belong to the seller’s direct address. In some cases the tracking number can go only to their city. The seller then gets rejected from having an appeal with PayPal because they do not have the correct tracking information that the “Seller representative” has already provided. When the “Seller Representative” gives money to the seller, they never give such tracking info, because it doesn’t make sense to give that in a PayPal transaction unless you are selling things though services like eBay. If the “Seller Representative” has found out that the seller has figured out their scam, the seller’s private information including email address is reported to this site, even if the report is false. The whole 5 star rating system on Amazon is a very large elaborate scam.