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Online Purchase Scam

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2023-05-04 00:00:00

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LightInTheBox.com <ticket@email.lightinthebox.com> Unsubscribe
4:15?AM (18 hours ago)
to me
2023-05-03 01:00 NEW REPLY
Dear Customer,
We’re sorry that the product you received is incorrect or different from the photo shown on the product page. We sincerely apologize for the problem. We’ll take care of this issue, please don’t be worried.
First, we need more specific photos/proof to confirm the problem, could you please upload some photos to this message as the following details So that we can confirm the problem as soon as possible and arrange the return procedure.
Considering the problem confirmation is quite time-consuming, we can go with a simple way that you can keep this item with a (a) REWARD (values 30% of item price, same as a coupon/voucher, can be used on next order for discount) or (b) a partial refund (20% of item price) as the discount on this order . You may just reply “a” or “b” to this ticket if you prefer this solution.
Here are the photos we need to confirm the problem for the return procedure:
1. A photo of the wrong item you received
2. A photo of the barcode attached to the product packing.
(bar code sample: https://www.lightinthebox.com/download/1037749b-50e3-4cf4-aafe-d88dbe097632)
Kindly note we can only recognize the picture format as below. Please transfer the format to the following ones:
– Recognizable Format: JPG,GIF,PNG,BMP
– Unrecognizable Format: JPEG
Size: Total size of the attachment in one email should be less than 40 MB
We’re looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.
[Warm Reminder]
We are sorry that you might need to wait for our reply for a couple of days. The reason for this delay is due to a recent increase in orders, resulting in more work for our customer service. Please don’t worry, you are not forgotten, and your warranties are honored. It’s just we need time to get someone on this case. We appreciate it if you can patiently wait for our reaction.
Customer Service
2023-05-02 11:00 Christal Oravets
Christal Oravets
10:20?PM (10 minutes ago)
to LightInTheBox.com
This is a jpg . I am going to report you to the Better Business Bureau. You are a mess. How dare you **** **** **** *******************************************