Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-27 00:00:00

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Scam Description

I was contacted through social media about a robot vacuum that I could receive. It was free! All I had to pay was the shipping fee of $9.99. So I did this, using my debit card, and just a few days later it arrived. Seeing that it was a cheap piece of junk that wouldn’t even move on my flooring, I chalked it up to stupidity. Another too good to be true scam. Two weeks went by and I see a debit on my account for $149.95. I called the number listed on the transactions. It appeared as “WORLDLO*ROBOTSMARTSELF 833-813-1441.” and was told that there was fine print saying if I didn’t return the item within 2 weeks I would be billed the full price. No where did I see free free trial or anything to the like. I argued and they agreed to give me a 75% refund in the amt. of 112.46. I agreed. I still haven’t received the money. They said they tried but it wouldn’t go through. I gave done this 3 times but today I find out that my calls are going to a 3rd party customer service number who is making the promises and a company that is rejecting those promises saying they got an error gateway something when trying twice to refund so therefore case is closed. Today I talked to Miguel ID #10777. Previously I have spoken with Leroy and Marsha. I guess I am out all this hard-earned money and I am devastated.