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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-13 00:00:00

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Scam Description

Person who arrived, Eddie, no last name arrived. He could only speak Hebrew. He took the tumblers from my doors and had to go to Grand Rapids, supposedly to rekey and provide more keys. Eddie’s number from his card is 248-525-3330. Partner named Dani is on the card also, 616-318-4781. The web site for the Farmington location list no address. There is an email address, which doesn’t work. Top Lead Solutions is listed as their Web Designer and Digital Marketer.
Difficult to communicate. I did use a translator on my phone to communicate somewhat. His contact person also spoke Hebrew, but also English. There was a dispute about a doorknob that I didn’t want (149.00). Eddie wanted to sell it to me for $100. He let me use his phone to talk with his contact person. She stated that it would cost Eddie $70 out of his pocket (from the company? Like he purchases the item and resales?) I paid $70 ( dummy me, I wanted to help an immigrant). So either these 2 or 3 are using the Detroit business as a cover or they are a part of it also.
The business card for Eddie and Dani says PerLocksmith and then in smaller print under it says Locksmith Services.
That is all I could find out at my end.
He did seem to know what he was doing.
They sent my receipt by text which did not show individual charges.
The text number came from (844) 837-9108
Job invoice number #44Q46 from Eddie’s phone