Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-29 00:00:00

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Scam Description

My son sent me a link to order some Nike sneakers. I ordered these sneakers on March 18th and on March 21st 2023 I tried to cancel the order through the email link on their web page.. I sent out three emails to the which I thought was the company I no longer need the sneakers when I figured out that it was coming from Hong Kong . Because confirmation email looked very sketchy . Surprisingly I received the sneakers on March 27th . I ordered a seven wide they sent me a five and a half I went on to their website to see how to return it it states that I have to send an email right in bold letters return along with the order number. I did so, and they responded that is European sizes. I’m like well I would like to return it it’s not the size I order. They continue to email me and ask me well does it fit or not. I’m like please send me the return label because I want to return the sneakers. They send me another email stating the same thing does it fit or not. I sent them a label and a sentiment email and said I am very upset now I’m going to report you to the Better Business Bureau. I’ve been communicating with these people 3 days after the purchase stating that I wanted to cancel the item I ordered online and originally they made it seem like no problem once you received the purchase we will issue you a refund now talking differently in the email and refuse to send me a return label so that I can return the item.