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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-28 00:00:00

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Scam Description

The scammer has a website that sells sphinx kittens. The scammer requires payment via Zelle or American express gift cards. They insist that payment be paid in full before releasing the kittens to a pet transportation company that the supposed breeder uses. The supposed pet transportation company too is a scam. They required a payment for rental of crates and a 100% refundable deposit for a caution fee. The fact that I purchased 2 kittens for $1,300.00 required me to pay $2000.00 for the caution fees that was supposed to be refunded to me when the kittens were delivered. Out of the $2,000.00 they were keeping $60.00 for the rentals of the 2 crates, refunding me $1,940.00 when I picked up the kittens at the airport. After the scammer took $3,300.00, of my money, he then sent me a email saying that I needed to send an additional $1800.00 for some documents that were required for transportation. At this point I realize that I was taken for the $3,300.00 and would not be receiving kittens. I continued to email the person, but he stopped responding to my emails when I stated that I would not be sending any more money.
The other email address and phone number that he used for the scam is (701) 203-2706.
I called both numbers, the one for the supposed cat breeder and the other for the supposed shipping company. And much to chagrin, the same person answered both phones. That was when I first realized that I was scammed out of the $3,300.00.

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