Online Purchase

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

La Pur Skincare

Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

On 8/17/22, my wife received an abusive call from the supposed “credit department” of La Pura Skincare. The caller gave an address in Utah. She was very pushy. She said we owed $189 dollars for two creams my wife ordered on 11/18/2019, and she had evidence that we received them, however, she could not send that or other evidence of any kind.
In 2019, my wife had completed a survey for Costco and received a “prize” of one cream for $2 plus shipping and handling. Later, when she was told the cost would be $89.50, she canceled the order, and she did not receive any product.
The caller said our bank had refused a payment in 11/19 because insufficient funds. She threatened to “ruin” our credit, “nationally and internationally,” to bill us for monthly shipments since 11/19, and to renew the monthly shipments. I replied that I would report the situation as a scam, and I hung up the phone.
I then checked the BBB on-line and found many scam reports. I tried the phone number and website provided by the BBB, but neither worked. I could not find the company at the Utah address that the caller had given.