Identity Theft

Scam Type

Identity Theft Scam

Business Name Used

bitcoin of america

Date Reported

Sep 02, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

through a series of events from a text claiming someone was laundering money through my name/ stolen my identity and that i was not going to be investigated with the police coming the following day to check my assets that they match my account … that led to a call. one call claiming to be my bank then to Social Security… they would need to freeze my ssn and all account for 3 months. if i take my cash out and place in bitcoin i could have money while everything financially was being investigated. (ridiculous when i write it but they had me)
the big flag -they said i needed to remain on the call not tell anyone until i took the monies out of my bank and purchased the bitcoin if i did share with anyone it would effect my case. as i was being recorded that would later be submitted to the police as part of the fraudulent activity with someone using my name. it goes on … never thought i would be that person.
i did not give them any info over the phone BUT the Bitcoin of America required a picture of my drivers liscence.
i was directed to withdraw then deposit monies from my bank to purchase crypto currency – bitcoin at an automatic Bitcoin of America kiosks/dispenser at a gas station.
i received a receipt and QR code. that later led to nowhere. there is no valid record of my now bitcoin. from what i can tell money is lost. i will not call the company since this whole fraud began with a series of calls.
i spoke with the police while still on the phone with the one claiming to be the social security agent of sorts (the one that directed me to deposit all my cash into the Bitcoin of America dispensers/automatic kiosks machine. the person could not prove they where who they claim to be to the police. the police confirmed it was a fraud.
i feel the two are connected. the caller that directed me to the Bitcoin of America kiosk. I have not found any link that shows my purchased bitcoin anywhere.
so yes i am extremely skeptical. and out a large sum of money. follow the money.
i hope i am incorrect because perhaps there may be some hope that i can get my money/bitcoin just purchased. and if not i certain do not want anyone to go through what i just went through. thank you.