Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

Western Mutual Insurance

Date Reported

Sep 01, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

The scammer used Western Mutual insurance. They located my profile on Carrier builder.
This was the email:
Dear Applicant,
The hiring team of NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY have received, reviewed and approved your resume through CAREER BUILDER and you have been shortlisted for an online interview. We believe you have the required qualification to handle one of the following positions.? ? The positions are as follows……
Following our newest online screening introduced by the Better Business Bureau, the interview will be conducted online via
Their email address was as listed above. recruitment@northwesterncompany.com.
They are getting very sophisticated. Because typically they’ll use the Gmail, Yahoo or a very odd looking email address. They also use their website no links to worry about. I also conducted training with them for about 3 days until I started to feel something suspicious. You have to ask them specific questions about the company if they do not answer or if they keep it very generic ask them additional pinpoint questions about the company about your pay and if they tend to recycle their answers it’s fraud. They representative name that they used was in fact a representative at Western Mutual insurance. She worked within the HR department as Kaitlyn Diana. They said
“I am your hiring manager. And will work with you throughout the two week training”
The training went to ask tasks. They’ll email you for questions to answer within the 3 hours of training. The second day of training they’ll tell you that they’re going to mail you a truck to get all of your equipment to work from home. That was also a red flag. I went ahead and tell them to send me the check the moment that I received the check I knew immediately the wording the unprofessionalism the secrecy and the check format. I blocked the spammer