Government Grant

Scam Type

Government Grant Scam

Business Name Used

Agent Jerry-Jones 100

Date Reported

Aug 23, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

My neighbor told me about this plan where the government SSI is giving out grant money. She told me that she received $50,000 and don’t have to pay the money back. This person that she had me to contact goes by the name Agent Jerry-Jones on my phone. He said that he worked for the government SSI. So, I asked him about the plan to receive the money. He sent me an application to fill out on my phone. I filled out the application which questions, name, address, martial status, employment and homeowner. I wasn’t comfortable with this information to give to a stranger. Well, I was approved for $70,000 which blow my mind. This never happen to me before even if I applied for loan in this large amount. Any financial company would definitely want to know how they are going to receive their funds back. Red flag. I said to him that I need to talk with my husband about this. He said, no need to him or anyone. That’s strange. Well, in order to receive this money, I would have to go and get a gift card in the amount of $500 from CVS or Walmart. Once, I do that, give him a call. He sent me the delivery information, Reference #9900078567, Country : United States, Batch #9056490602/333, this will be delivered to me by FedEx. I have not follow up with this and plan not to get involved in this scam. My neighbor claims everything went ok for her. She’s 85 years old. I feel she has nothing to lose because of her age and she lives in a retirement home. I’m a homeowner and don’t want a scammer to take my finances or other assets.