Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill Scam Jul 29, 2022

Scam Type

Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill Scam

Business Name Used

Web Design Gator

Date Reported

Jul 29, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I am going to provide you with as much detail as possible so that you can end these criminals. I wanted a website created for my new business Drops & Props. I came across this website https://webdesigngator.com/ I was chatted and then called by a man named Richard Daniels, He called me and emailed me. He called me from 1-559-663-7105. He said he could create my website. He also emailed me some pictures of his work He emailed me from richard.daniels@webdesigngator.com He said he could start my website for a down payment of $389. He texted me an invoice to pay the $389, this is what he sent me https://secureinvoicing.com/payment/9888416517889865962 After that someone named Natasha Sharen contacted me from this number 1-323-685-6687 and she emailed me to email her what I wanted on my page her email address was natasha@webdesigngator.com she also had this email address natasha.sharen2011@gmail.com I gave her some suggestions then someone named Amy Roberts called and emailed stating she was designing my her number was 1-323-3320624 and her email address was amy.roberts@webdesigngator.com She sent me this based on my suggestions https://royalbookwriters.com/projects/drops-props/ Then she said in order to publish the website I had to pay for the domain DropsandProps.com which was $350 and also an email address. So she switched me to the account person named Stella and I gave her my debit card for the domain. The Domain was not available. I have called and emailed all these numbers and emails. The whole thing was a very elaborate scam involving a number of people. No website was created my bank statement for the $350 on June 14 to purchase the Domain read Super Logo Design 14231 FM 1464 Sugar Land Texas. I had 2000 business cards printed with the fake email address and fake website.