Employment Scam Jul 28, 2022

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

Jul 28, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

The company hacked into my family member’s Facebook and, pretending to be her, made a post and contacted me about an online job. The job was things like data entry, balance sheet preparation, invoice etc. $25 an hour and 20-45 hours a week. Offered training, an online interview conducted through an app called Telegram. Offer to get you a brand new MacBook, newest iPhone, printer, scanner, copier, and laminating machine to do the job duties. Asked for bank app, debit card information, social security, high school, stuff like that. Offers to pay phone bill. Only fell for it because the person I thought was my cousin was verifying everything I asked. Will take money, refund it then the refund will become void. Lost over $2000 from this company.