Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

Fulter logistics

Date Reported

Oct 27, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I filled out job applications on indeed app. I then get a call couple days later from a reshipping work from home company claimed to be called “Fulter Shipping” but later said they were called “Fulter Logistics.” At first, I believed it to be a real job because everything sounded like it was true. So, then I was assigned two supervisors named Sukie Clark and Vale Taylor after them telling me I was hired and “Congratulations, Welcome to the team.” After, they then sent me forms to fill out in my email to send them my bank information, my address, my social security and to upload my state ID. Me thinking it was legit, I did exactly what was told. They set me a profile account on Fulter-office.com and I received two paper packages the next day. I was told by them (the supervisors) to print out the downloaded link they sent, which was my name and address on a label, and to take off the label it came with then deliver it to my nearest location stores for FedEx or Ups. Next day I seen them sent a W-2 form to my email. When I needed to ask them how to download it, it was hard reaching them cause the calls were going straight to voicemail. That’s when I got curious. I started looking them up and reading about different reshipping scams. Their business was hard to find when I searched on google, even the location they gave wasn’t an actual building it seemed to be a motor cycle place or an abandonment building. So next time they called I asked questions and recorded them as I was convinced it was fraud. Of course, they denied it and so the manager claim to be named Scarlette Hayes reached out trying to convince me. Even after I told them to not send me any more packages because I didn’t want any dealings with them any longer, they are still at this moment sending packages trying to make me send it with the label of my name and address information which I still don’t understand the process of what they are asking to be done. They claim to be from different states at home but their phone numbers are coming from Deary, Indonesia. Everything sounds wrong and that’s why I am now writing this report to have this noticed and warn others about this scam. The business number they gave is 888-530-5495. Their direct numbers are Manager Scarlette Hayes: 208-877-6001. Supervisor Vale Taylor 208-877-6017. Supervisor Suckie Clark: 209-877-6003. Emails: david.james@kdesail.com

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