Debt Collections

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Debt Collections Scam

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Date Reported

Sep 02, 2022

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Scam Description

A man by the name of Mr Wayne Phillips called me at my job and proceeded to tell me i owed money on a loan and it was in collections and i needed to take care of it so i asked him can u please tell me the name of the creditor and when this loan was taken out he told me his assistant was in charge of my case and was on lunch break and she would get back to me i said ok so i waited a few days later she calls me back AT WORK and says i am not complying with the aggreement and they are taking me to court i said how can i comply with anything u havent given me any information her name was kimberly supposedly she said ok hold on ill get u the info transfers me to wayne and he says to me can i help u i said im lookin for the info of this creditor so i can see what i owe he said she will call u back so the weekend goes by and now he calls again to make a payment arrangement i said ill be glad to pay a bill i owe but i want information sent to me and i want teh names and dates he said he willget back to me long story short he called me back today tellin me im goin to court if i dont hurry up and pay this bill wanted me to pay with out even knowing who i was paying so i told him off and he scream at me said ur goin down even lied to me said u were paying this loan for 3 yrs and u stopped thats when i realized this was some sorta scam i realized when they wouldnt give me the creditors name but was certain after he said i been paying it for 3 yrs idk what to do they are threatening me and callin my job and saying they will have my wages garnished any help would be appreciated