Counterfeit Product Scam Apr 23, 2022

Scam Type

Counterfeit Product Scam

Business Name Used

La Suavecita 1071 Fm With Mira Benedice

Date Reported

Apr 23, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was curious so i called the station in ca that they advertised to help those who feel they have been victim to black magic or evil curses on them. I was told they would call me back so i got the call and i just had to give them my date of birth and my name and last name. and what i wanted to know, so i told the guy his name was hermanito angel, but he was not calling and he never sent me a message cause he asked to send a photo of your right hand palm and he would text you what’s going on and i never got a complete sentence just all in one sentence lies sickness and drama and jealousy and death and that was in spanish.ok i’m not a medium or clairvoyance but i can read tarot cards and tell you what they mean , so i never got the call. so i decided to take it a further step into this people she has on at night time and she works with them and talks to them and mentions their cell# to call them or to the radio station and ask him a question but first pick a number from 1to 3 was one of them the following night they had a women who can tell you your life through smoke cigars and purro smoke and her name was sochi and she could tell u what’s going on in your life from your past ,present and future. and i called like they said and talk to sochi and find out or ask her a question, but she knows about your past present and future and what evil is working you because of a evil spell from hateful people, so a man called me and his name was moises and he said sochi would call me back , so i waited to speak to her, but to my best knowledge and just being honest , I didn’t get ssochi I got moises and asked me my name my date of birth and he was gonna tell me what i wanted to hear.but instead he asked me what I wanted to know and told me my dad had died recently and wanted answers about what’ s next but he told me my dad was stuck somewhere and he left something behind, I am not a physic but he told me why we are all fighting for and what did my dad leave behind that he couldn’t move on to his destiny, I told him probably his money cause he loved his money more than he loved his kids, and he said that he wasn’t resting in peace and what happened to him , I don’t know but if u seem to know everything u should know he was evil cruel and was fighting with his family. he said that he needed me to get him to his place of rest cause he wasn’t resting , i told ok how much can you help me to help him to move to the next life of his destiny but he said he needed 9’000 dollors to buy the materials to send him to his next purgatory, i dropped my cell phone in shock and amused that he wanted that much , I told him I don’t want you to raise him from the dead or ress urect him. or bring him back to this life and he hung up the phone and i told him he was crazy. next another nite i called again and didn’t get through but they mention to send them a text to a number of a guy who would tell me what’s going on with any problems. So i did i got a call and some guy called me, and i asked him about what he wanted me to ask him of a question . I asked him about what’s with my family. and told me that we have a black curse and a dead animal with all our family picture buried in my dads yard some where and he said he could help me just buy him the stuff that he would need to stop the curse and bring it by his place in mesa so i went 3 days later and took him a roll of paper towels 2 white candles and alcohol 70% and foil and holy water . so i showed at his place and the place is erie has no furniture and just saints with candles and music and he asked what i wanted to know but he avoided my question and he got his tarot cards without me even touching me, and he seemed to have them the way he wanted, asked me about myself and what was wrong with my family hating me and wanting me dead. Cmon I know my family they may be coocoo and whacky but not killers. he said i had 3 bad spells evil ones on me, one a person from mexico a family had done an evil spell so that i can die cause they hate me, and another someone has done me wrong because i have no luck at all and third I will be alone and miserable and no relationship because someone doesn’t want me to be happy , and he wasn’t gonna charge me but he needed to but the stuff he would need and i’m no builder but he said it would have to be specially made just for me , and it would cost $1045.00 in cash now if anyone knows my horoscope and how giving and loving i am , why do my mind medium tell me I smell a rat. and he told that meeting with him cost me nothing so why did he charge me 40.00 dollor’s for the tarot reading , when i didn’t ask him about me. and he didn’t even lift a finger to help me break the bad spell with the products i took and i asked him he said he needed to get the special made stuff to help us but first we work on me? and then we can call my brothers and sisters and i’m sure ask them for more money. He told me to leave the stuff I bought with him so when i come back he could use them. Why didn’t he tell me about me not getting the black magic spell that he said he was gonna do for me. and charge me 40.00 in cash and his name is marcos his cell # 602-768-9328 and i walked out like i had been hacked . and confused because they said he would help me if i brought the products for free and i have the text , if this isn’t a scam i don’t know what u would call it but shaame on Mirah Benedice on facebook and La Suavecita to promote fake people that are trying to rip off a person who lives alone and has no money and lie about them helping people what a fricken scam they are BEWARE LA SUAVECITA 1071 FM AT nite they are scammers from mexico and are willing to lie to u to fatten their wallets and they need to be investigated.