Charity September 28, 2023

Scam Type

Charity Scam

Business Name Used

Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund Imposter

Date Reported

September 28, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 20

Scam Description

Some guy alleging to be with the Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund called my Mom’s work phone number and attempted to get her to donate $20 to the charity. They were very nice and when she asked them to send her a letter with more information about the charity (without claiming she would donate at all, mind you) they agreed and ended the call promptly. Later on, my Mother did receive a letter from them, several actually, all from different organizations thanking her for her $20 donation, one which she never agreed to. When she was called again (on her work phone) the man on the other line very firmly claimed that she had agreed to donate $20 and that he was calling to “hold her accountable” for what she said she would donate. Being intimidated, and fearing retaliation from our local law enforcement if this was a legit organization, she caved and donated on their website.
This was June of this year, and after nearly 5 months they still call her, asking for more money, if she’d like to donate, etc. She has told them multiple times to stop calling, and that she no longer wishes to donate, and no matter what, they still continue to call. She’s gotten numerous letters in the mail, thanking her for her $20 donation, and asking for more, two of which do not even come from the same alleged charity/union. The two letters she got were from The “Law Officers Relief Fund”, while the other one is from the “National Police & troopers Association”. NPTA’s letter is signed by a certain Sam Cobral while the other letter is simply signed by the LOERF organization as a whole. From my research of both the organization’s websites, Sam Cobral has a hand in both organizations. See this here: https://leorf.org/about-us/, here: https://publicintegrity.org/politics/iupa-leorf-police-union-charity-telemarketers/, and here: https://www.insider.com/national-police-trooper-association-phone-call-donation-spam-2023-6. I also have photos of one of the letters sent, which you can see attached.

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