Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam May 07, 2022

Scam Type

Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

Business Name Used

Psychic Chakra Center

Date Reported

May 07, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

The lady’s name who scammed me is Hilary (according to Zelle) but she introduces herself as Angel. She did a tarot reading for me and told me I have an “evil curse” that needs to be removed, she told me she’s going to be doing a series of cleanse sessions to remove this “curse” and to cleanse my chakras. She told me the total cost is going to be $2500-3000 (she wasn’t fixed on the particular price, it was vague). She asked me for money right away and then we agreed that I’m going to pay $1075 upfront ($75 for a tarot reading and $1000 for upcoming “cleanse sessions”). The next day when I came to her for a “cleanse session” and right after she was forcefully asking me to pay her $2000 and that her service is going to be $7000 now because I have some “really bad evil curse” on me. She told me I need to put a chicken egg under my bed and then bring it to her so she could break it and if there’s blood, nail or hair that means I have “a really strong evil curse” and her service is going to cost me $10000. At that point I realized she was scamming me and she didn’t want to let me go so I told her I’m going home and I’ll send her money when I get there (I needed to get out of her office somehow cause she was being intimidating). She gave me a 7-11 pound stone statue (she said it’s a crystal) and that I have to call Uber to get home (she knows I don’t have a car) and she told me I can’t speak with my family or be in a setting with a lot of people because “I’m on a cleanse process” and it’s going to affect me if I socialize. She also told me to pay money as soon as possible cause the “cleanse process” is going real quick and she needs money to continue working with me. While I was waiting on my Uber she kept asking me 3-5 times “where’s your Uber? do you want me to call Uber for you? are you sure?” and I kept replying “no”. I left her office and blocked her everywhere, I tried to request the money back on Zelle but she keeps denying my requests. On a side note, she randomly asked me for my full name during the reading and I told her and she said “OK” and kept going on with a reading. She also was trying to know where I live and work by asking “what part of LA? what area of Downtown?”, etc. and it gives me creeps to think if there might be a human trafficking situation or something similar going on. Please, take the right measures with this lady, I’d really appreciate your help!