Worthless Problem-solving Service

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Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

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Date Reported

Aug 25, 2022

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Scam Description

I am the department supervisor for a city in the Phoenix-area of Arizona. Beginning the week of August 22, the company, which identified itself as Haulla, called my department’s line nearly every hour. On Thursday, my staff, who had been fielding the calls, alerted me of the number of calls and that, in spite of being politely asked not to call back, the company continued to interrupt our operations by habitually calling. By 2PM on the same Thursday, the company’s representatives had called my staff a combined total of 15 times since we had opened that day at 8AM. I instructed my staff to transfer the next call to me. When it was transferred to me, the person speaking mumbled and stuttered through their speech when I asked them for details of their company, including the name, address, phone number, etc. When I informed them that I would be making complaints about their company using all means available, they hung up on me.
This is the most unprofessional behavior I have ever experienced by a vendor that works with public organizations.