Utility September 01, 2023

Scam Type

Utility Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

September 01, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

He marked me directly from the uber platform, he is the raider and he marked me the moment I was going to pick him up, as a direct mark from the Uber platform I believed him that he was an uber security worker.He pretended that a person had reported me because the car smelled of alcohol, and to verify that I was the driver, he asked me for a copy of my license and photos of the car, I never suspected because the call said Uber, He asked for my personal number and email because he wanted to ensure that I was the driver, and within his security questions they included my card’s PIN, I suspected when I received a verification email that someone was trying to access card debit card where Uber deposits my earnings.

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