Travel/Vacation/Timeshare Scam Jul 21, 2022

Scam Type

Travel/Vacation/Timeshare Scam

Business Name Used

Acting As: Worldtravelerassist

Date Reported

Jul 21, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

While trying to sign up for TSA Pre-Check, I apparently got to a website that explained it would be $149.95 to sign up and register. So I did that. I cannot remember what information I had to fill out on the form. Next, I scheduled an appointment (on a different website I believe, but can’t remember which one) to go and get interviewed and cleared. I was notified that that was going to be another $80-something. I didn’t understand, but when I received my credit card bill, I was charged the $149.95. It also noted the website WorldTravelerAssist.co, so I got on that website and learned there are scams going on about TSA Pre-check. It also listed several recent complaints regarding the TSA registration, and each of them said $149.95. So I suspected it was a scam. On my credit card bill, it also had a phone number associated with WorldTravelerAssist.co, so I called the number and it went right to voicemail saying that an agent would be with me shortly. After about one minute, the female voice came back on and said that the wait time would be just under 2 hours and to leave a name, phone number and email address and they would call me back. It was not a very professional sounding voice message, so I concluded it was a scam and left them nothing but a nasty message!