Travel/Vacation/Timeshare Scam Jul 15, 2022

Scam Type

Travel/Vacation/Timeshare Scam

Business Name Used

Williams And Burns

Date Reported

Jul 15, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Timeshare industry Scam uncovered? The company: ResortBNB operating in 2 or 3 locations in FL and NJ. Owned or associated with Williams and Burns and or Williams Andrews and Burns (a stated collection agency with no real existence.) The website is owned and operated by Williams Andrews and Burns LLC. And operated by William Ohanlon. The address listed on the website is actually a UPS store with a P.O. box. One of the physical addresses of their call center is: 4701 N Federal Highway, Suite 430, Pompano Beach, FL I was told they had 2 locations, Hollywood FL and Pompano beach. Company: ResortBNB / Williams and Burns / Williams Andrews and burns Listed in Sunbiz.org as a profit company for the purpose of opening a bank account No Florida Collection Agency license. No Google business listing. 29 BBB Better business bureau complaints under multiple names They are calling on people who had timeshares at one point and may have paid companies like ResortBNB to advertise, rent or sell their property. He explained the benefit they were selling is FTC compliance restitution of all money they may have paid companies in the past. They are charging $3,000 retainer and boast 50% restitution up to the FTC guarantee of $36,000.00. The other 50% is their fee. Beware A) there is no collection agency record that I could find by the name of Williams and Burns. (but there is a website claiming they are a collection agency.) B) I have not found one happy review where someone received their money. It appears there are no recovered money. They may be simply bilking retainer fees then telling people the process takes time. C) No state or county licensing could be found in the Timeshare industry, Collection industry and there is no occupancy permit, application or submission for permit in the county of Broward or the City of Pompano Beach. It seems very clear what is going on. Just another Timeshare Industry Scam. Making promises that will not be kept and taking money for nothing, leaving a trail of victims in their path.