Tech Support

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Tech Support Scam

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Date Reported

Sep 06, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Subject: Automatic renewal of NortonLifeLock (USD 523.29). I have NEVER subscribed to Norton, in any form.
Contact: Called phone no. in email. Scammer was obviously in Muumbi (not unusual these days). Like a fool I talked to him for 1hr 15mins.
When I really started to question him about what he was having me do on my computer he got somewhat belligerent.
The Scam: In the process he asked me to type in the amount to be refunded, when I did it came up to be 5233.29. I believe he put in the extra digit. He claimed that amount had already been transfered (less than instantly) to my credit card and I would have to send the excess back to them.He also mentioned several times that, because I claimed more refund than they “owed” me, the FDIC had locked my account. Then he said the “MAGIC WORD”, I would have to send the excess funds to them in the form of a GIFT CARD. Yeah right. I hung up.