Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes October 12, 2023

Scam Type

Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

October 12, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

Received phone call last week reporting my $5.5 million dollar winning sweepstakes, and a Mercedes Benz. Told caller he was a liar, and a scammer then hung up on him. Yesterday received a check in the mail I believe links to the same scammer. It was for $12,648.62 on PNC Bank and issued with the name Lincoln Oil in Wilmington, DE. The envelope has a fake POBox with a fake zip code of 43072. The check looks real so I called PNC Bank to warn them of a large scam using their name and wiring routing number. It was in a plain white envelope with a postmark of Indianapolis, Indiana. The letter was involved with lots of rubber approval stamps. Wants me to call my “agent” to collect $600,000.00 once they explain how to pay the fees and taxes. All lies. Visit or call your own local banker for help to verify checks arriving in the mail. Don’t call phone numbers on the letter or check. Since this came in US Mail, I reported to the postal investigation division online.

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