Rental Scam Jul 31, 2022

Scam Type

Rental Scam

Date Reported

Jul 31, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

In July 1,2022 my husband found a house on Facebook that was in need of a tenant to rent. My husband asked him how much he wanting to rent the property for he said 2000 and my husband said oh we can’t do that. The max was 1000. He told us to go look at it. When we got there my husband said this is not the house I saw on line. I told him let’s see it anyway. My family saw it and feel in love with it. Everything was just what I wanted in a house. We have 3 kids and all of us are living in a 2 bedroom apt. We need space with a husky dog. The man stayed on the phone the whole time. He said everything is included except for cable. All we need to do was pay the 1000.00 for security deposit and 100.00 for first month rent. So I did that and he sent us a contract. He told us to go to the house and get our key. We got the key and he said we can move in. I notice it was only one key so I asked him if he was gonna remove the lock box. Meanwhile other people can come see the house and have access to it. He kept stating that this is not gonna stop us from moving in. On Tuesday I asked the man again to bring the exterminator and locksmith. He said have ur husband go to the house and he will meet y’all there. My family sat outside in the heat for over 2 hours waiting and the man keep saying he’s coming he’s in traffic. My family sat for an additional 1 and still there was no locksmiths or extermanator. I proceed to text him back and ask him what is going on and he said that his lawyer informed him that I need to pay another 500 dollars for the renters ins. Hours before that he stated that I needed 300 dollars for the locksmith to change the locks. By this time I caught his drift and then I realized it was a scam. I even asked him is he scamming me and no reply. The next day he texted me and asked me if I still wanted the house and I said ***** no and I told him I was gonna go to channel 9 and the better business bureau. Now I’m out of 2300 dollars. He said his name was Raymond Harris.