Rental Scam Apr 13, 2022 Postal Code 75287

Scam Type

Rental Scam

Business Name Used

Ez Rentals Experience

Date Reported

Apr 13, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

This company is a joke and this woman is a scammer. Please take heed to all of the reviews you see because they’re factual. I paid $1,795 and have received NOTHING from this business to show for it. The owner actually scammed me out of $1,000 for documents and will scam you as well. You will be told to book and consult and they’ll hound you to make your initial payment. Then once that’s done, you’ll receive excuse after excuse on why you haven’t received anything. Also, the owner will try to make health excuses and take “leave” because she’s sick, however will be posting activities out flaunting the luxe lifestyle that she lives from the scamming she’s done innocent people. Anyone that has found the golden egg and actually had a unit secure by this business is not operating it legally and when the complexes find out, it will be shut down, so good luck with that. PLEASE stay away from this business. This business needs and WILL be shut down.