Phishing Scam May 02, 2022

Scam Type

Phishing Scam

Business Name Used

Norm Marsh

Date Reported

May 02, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

It was a cash app flip which I was told would be legitimate. I was to put in 200$ to get 2400$. I did put in the 200$ then he says I have to pay 500$ to cover a pvc charge to get the payment. Had me reinvest in into bitcoin. At this time he said I had went into a different slot and the payment was now 5,700$ and had to pay an additional 500$ I told him I didn’t have it he then asked how much do you have I told him I had 100$ he said he would cover the rest, before I submitted the 100$ I asked if I was going to for sure get paid that day, he said yes. Then after I put it into bitcoin and sent it to him. He advised me that his company insisted I pay the remainder of the 500$ which was 400$ to get my payment. I said I wasn’t going to give him anymore money and pleaded to give me my money back. He refused and then I contacted the app. Cash app and they said there was nothing that can be done. I’m not sure if I can ever get that money back but I don’t want others to suffer the same scam.