Phishing October 30, 2023

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Phishing Scam

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October 30, 2023

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$ 0

Scam Description

A lady named Sophia Thompson sent church websites an email to see if someone wanted a 2 year old Yamaha baby grand piano that her late husband played and she needed to give it to someone since she was downsizing her home. She did not want to sell it but give it to someone who will only pay delivery costs from her moving company. Once contacted she sent some pictures that look legit. She provides a reference code SEIL132AT and says to contact to set up delivery. I checked out the website associated with this. Oddly the team link on their site had a picture of a young woman named Sophia Thompson – the same name as the lady emailing. Other names listed on their site with model photos are Emma Wilson and David Johnson. Addresses listed on their site are 19401 Business Ctr Dr., Northridge CA 91324 United States, 118 S 3rd St #30, Brooklyn NY 11249, United States and 945 Wilson Ave #7 Toronto ON M3K1E8 Canada. When I looked up those addresses they are real addresses for other moving companies which are real movers: Northstar, Sven, and Let’s Get Moving. When I called these companies, they said they are not associated with Express Movers and Storage and they have heard of the fly by night scam already. The phone numbers listed on their site are not real. (312) 752-2745 goes to a voicemail. (604) 820-4719 goes to a bank in Vancouver. Photo gallery has stock photos that you can find on the web and are not related to moving or storage. Realizing from their first email with the questionable choice of wording, I pulled the string a little. When they send you an email they ask for the following :
?”Welcome To Express Movers & Storage. Move with Ease Today!
Please provide the following information to Welcome To Express Movers & Storage:
– Address:
– Reference Code:
– Phone Number:
– Full Name:
– Item Provider:
Thank you for your cooperation. We strive to provide the best service for your comfort.
Erin Leyen
(Moving Department EM&S)
Then they will send an email
Please find below the estimated cost for delivery to your location.
* Referral ID: (SEIL132AT)
* Item/Name: Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
* Item/Package Weight: 574lbs
* Dimensions: Length 5′ 1″ (151 cm), Width 5″ (146cm)”
* Item Provider: Mrs. Sophia Thompson.
(set up inclusive)
*COST ESTIMATE: According to weight and Distance.
$1,950 (Next day delivery + Setup)
$1,220 (3 day delivery + Setup)
$870 (6 day delivery + Setup)
$730 (9 day delivery + Setup)
$620 (12 day delivery + Setup)
You are required to get back to us the preferred chosen plan and payment option below to enable us to prepare your moving invoice.
*Cash App.
*Bank Cash Deposit/Wire transfer.
Thanks for your understanding;
We serve for your comfort.
Erin Leyen
(Moving Department E.M.&.S)
Note they only take money apps. No credit cards or checks
They will not call and they only respond to basic email and answer no questions.

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