Phishing October 09, 2023

Scam Type

Phishing Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

October 09, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 1500

Scam Description

Tyler Gill contacted me on my Facebook page on July 11, 2023. I have all the messages. These are his exact words…”I’ve been fortunate to come across your page and love your podcast and mission. EXCELLENT work you’re doing! I am thoroughly impressed with everything. Do you have a publicist? If not, I’d would love to represent you in public relations. It will be my passion to be responsible for your media bookings, media pitches or any media related gigs to promote your platform. My agency is thriving and one of the most fastest growing PR agencies out there and my work proves- I’ve successfully launched careers for 98% of clients that have started with me between 1-5 months.” After reading through Tyler’s social media sites and talking with him on the phone I asked Tyler about the what are the exact services he would provide. Tyler told me that he already had media outlets ready to book me within the next week. He sent me the contract and request that I send him more information about my presentations. After reading the contact I told him that I would go with the $1500 level of contract and sent him the full amount via zelle and cash app. Tyler insisted that I sent another $1500 because he needed more money to cover my expenses. That’s when I felt something just wasn’t right and started recording our conversions. I also reached out to some of the individuals on his social media sites as well as a formal employee. There was only one positive feedback and a few negative feedback telling me to stay away. After sharing with Tyler that I wasn’t going to send more money he refused to refund my money. Therefore, I told him that I was recording all of our conversions and that was the last time talking with Tyler. He told me that I would be hearing from his lawyers and I told him ok. That was in August and I haven’t hear from anyone from his agency and I only get his voice mail. Leaving voice messages and text messages is all I can do now. I tried to get his mailing address but he refuse to send. Please help me. I’m a Army veteran who is a paraplegic, Tyler doesn’t care and will take advantage of anyone. We need to stop him from scamming others. Tyler Gill Media Agency has not deliver anything for my investment of my $1500. Nothing.

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