Phishing December 14, 2023

Scam Type

Phishing Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

December 14, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 72000

Scam Description

Yohanne Baptiste (posed as a business called Hl_rentals came to me posing as a business man that owns a car lot and rental car business. Stepped to me about a business proposal about securing a car in my business name and putting the car in his fleet to make profit of renting. The car was put with his so called fleet and was supposed to be insured under his commercial insurance. He was supposed to give me a contract and never did. He was supposed to give me profit and never did. There are over 5,000 in tolls that were created in the car. He also put a tag in my name fraudulently on one of his other cars and lied and said it was a mistake only after I told him I received the paper in the mail and after he had recently asked me to send him a copy of my license to renew insurance only to find out he fraud Ed my name with the DMV. I have police reports as well. Moving forward after all of the late car payments, tickets, and Yohanne not paying as agreed I decided to not do business and told him I wanted my car back. He agreed, but I never received my car after about a week he said someone has it out on rent and won’t return it. Well he gave me a guys number who supposedly had it, but the guy said Yohanne scammed him out of money as well and is basically holding my car hostage. Yohanne as the so called business owner and person that rented the car wouldn’t file a police report, he said the tracker on the car wasn’t working he just kept giving excuses and lies and wouldn’t handle his part of the business which resulted in my car being crashed, he hasn’t produced any commercial insurance, my car is currently in the police impound and I am stuck and lost. I reached out to the guy who actually owns HL rentals Shane and he stated that he tried to do business with Yohanne, but stated that Yohanne uses his business name to collect money from people. He also said that he did him the same way he did me, but with 3 cars. He also stated that the Vin number was changed on one of his cars that he gave Yohanne and that he is still paying for the car. Yohanne did admit to changing Vin number back in the days. I also found out that he basically gave my car out to someone to commit crimes in. Yohanne needs to be investigated because he is going around claiming to be a business man that takes people hard earned money for his gain, and puts people in terrible situations and won’t hold up on his end of business. He will tell you fuck you and to just sue him or press charges. He works at a mental hospital in Orlando around patients info and I’m just scared that he’s gonna strike or will get people information and fraud their name like he did mine. I have contacted the FBI as well. He will also pay people for your personal information as well to threaten to harm you. Please help this guy has to be stop before he strikes again.

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